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Being human on the planet right now is not easy. 

The system feels broken. Social and environmental injustice runs deep. Unsustainable growth culture keeps calling for more, while our deepest survival instinct knows the planet we depend on for our very survival is screaming for us to slow down, simplify, consume less.

It’s hard to live your best life when the planet is literally burning. 

Luckily, there is increasing awareness that our relationship with the natural world needs healing. For people. For the planet.

Nature itself can help us 

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We come from nature so it's no surprise that nature-based practices like forest bathing have many proven health benefits. Increasing our connection with nature boosts our wellbeing and builds our resilience. Whether forest bathing or outdoor coaching, consciously spending more time in the woods helps us connect, and reconnect, with ourselves and the world around us.

It can be overwhelming

It's not just about how nature can help us. The need for reciprocity is urgent. We must take action to protect our home. Yet for some people, the decline of our planet is too much to bear. Climate change and environmental devastation represent a kind of collective trauma which some people feel more acutely than others.


Whether you are fearful of the future, feel unable to cope with what you are witnessing or are burned out from trying to fix things, I can help you find your place on the earth.

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What my clients say: 

"Kathryn is driven by a deep ethical and ecological awareness." 

“The Forest Mind walk was surprising in how it connected us to the forest, leading to a very peaceful mindset."

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