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I had my own experience of compassion fatigue in my late 30s. A kind of existential midlife crisis. I’d spent my whole career working in sustainability, trying to make a difference. I had a successful business and had helped lots of young people start their careers in sustainability. And yet, everywhere I looked, things were getting worse.

I felt like I had given so much and still wasn’t making a difference. My work seemed pointless. Empty. No matter what I did, we were doomed anyway. 

For decades, I had prioritised everything and everyone else over my own needs and I was done. Depleted. Frazzled.

Feeling like you don’t care – or can’t care – anymore about the things that were most important to you is scary.

An exciting but busy travel schedule had left my body clock and my hormones completely out of whack and I realised that I needed to step back to reset. In 2017, I took a sabbatical from my own business.

And I crashed. I was in physical and emotional pain. I went through huge waves of grief and loss. I had to figure out who I was without my business. Without my platform. Instead of trying to fix what was going on 'out there', I could turn my attention to what was going on with me.


By giving myself time to heal, learn, spend time in nature and deepen my mindfulness practice, I picked up the pieces slowly but surely. Over time, I came back to a place of hope. A place of connection. I can be of service to other people again.


When I returned to my business one year later, it was with a very different outlook. I won a Conscious Business Leader award for my Personal Journey.

Can you relate to this?


Are you struggling to find your passion for work that used to seem really important? Are you in a caring profession and have reached your limit? Do you need a break or just want to be left alone? These are red flags.


Compassion fatigue can be soul-destroying. It can lead to burnout and a loss of agency. As a trauma-informed coach, I can support you through this difficult emotional time.


We acknowledge the pain you are in and find ways to help you move forward, back to a place of engaged action and hope. We help you reconnect to your sense of purpose and find your place in the world again.


If you are interested in coaching with me, get in touch to book a free introductory call. We’ll see if it feels like a good fit and discuss the details. 

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