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First things first. You should know that I’m a very passionate person. 

Over the years, that passion has been the driver behind my career choices and a strong sense of ambition for positive change. It has also not always been great for me personally, as the pursuit of change and being a changemaker can simply be exhausting. You get to the top of one hill only to see another higher peak in the distance, and on it goes.

After a childhood spent camping and hiking, my real passion for our planet started in my 20s. Following serious health issues, I began learning more about the reciprocal relationship between looking after our planet and looking after ourselves. 

As a very passionate environment journalist, I was determined to eradicate greenwashing and promote the role business can play in making things right – which led me to set up PR and communications firm Sustainability Consult in 2008. 

I wanted to impact how companies do business in a way that was better for people and planet, while the journalist in me brought a razor sharp focus and built a reputation around credibility and integrity. 

But that didn’t come easy. Two decades in business showed me how hard it is to bring about positive change in a system that is rigged to maintain the status quo. It’s not easy being human right now with so many big issues that need to be solved. It can all feel rather overwhelming.

After taking a much-needed sabbatical in 2017, I realised that my passion also lies in helping people tackle the change. I wanted to go deeper with my clients and I was wrestling with some big questions around how we make change.

Not only around how to achieve impact when you’re paddling against the tide but, just as importantly, how to look after yourself in the process. And how to balance the two. Avoiding burnout is critical for changemakers and I really connected with the bitter irony in fighting for environmental sustainability in a way that is unsustainable for your own health and wellbeing.

This site shares an offer that brings together my business and personal experience with my skills in coaching and ecotherapy, to help people look after themselves as they pursue change. Whatever that might mean to them as people, on the planet we all share. 

I’m here for business changemakers to help achieve their ambitions for positive impact in the world. I’m here for people who need support and tools to grow, maintain resilience and stay connected with themselves and nature. I’m here for you if a walk in the woods would start to unlock whatever is stuck and holding you back.

The thought that we might waste the opportunity we have now to make real, lasting change in ourselves and in the world does keep me up at night. But it also fuels my passion.

Do get in touch.

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