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I believe a healthy society is made up of people who find meaning and fulfilment in what they do on a daily basis. We spend so much of our lives at work so it's only natural to feel disconnected or sad if your work doesn't align with your values and you can't be yourself.

Are you trying to put something out in the world? Do you have a business idea you believe in but you're not sure where to start? Are you running a successful business but you've lost your love for it? 

The entrepreneur's journey can be a lonely one, full of twists and turns. Sometimes we can't see the wood for the trees. I've been through all the ups and downs of running my own business. And I've mentored and advised many others. 'Stuck' people have a way of finding me and I created Business Buddy to help small businesses and freelancers get unstuck.




What my clients say: 

"Kathryn is a great listener, her coaching style is confronting but gentle, 

compassionate and authentic."

"Credibility and trust are Kathryn's core values. She exudes warmth and empathy."

Business Buddy is a 1:1 mentoring programme providing a Board-level sounding board and practical advice and insights. It helps you move forward in your business life and supports you in aligning with your values and your purpose. If  you want an experienced, external view on your business then consider Business Buddy.

Seeing the path ahead

As your Business Buddy, I bring all my experience and skills to support you in a conscious change process: from marketing and digital to strategy, vision, values, pricing, hiring (and firing), growth, scaling back, exiting and how to have a greater impact in the world.


Seeing the out

So what if it’s working? Business is good and people’s jobs depend on you but you’ve lost your connection to the business? You're going through the motions but you can feel things slipping and it's getting harder to show up. Getting out and doing something else - or taking a break - is a big, brave step with many possibilities.

I've been there and if you are stuck in a golden cage, I can bring critical interventions to support you. As a founder, stepping away can be lifesaving and life-changing. It opens the door to a world of opportunity and potential contribution, as well as a road to physical and mental wellbeing.


Seeing the gold

My role is also to help you explore what comes next, or your legacy. When we see business as a means of expression and personal evolution,  aligned with your passion and values, bringing beautiful things into the world could be just around the corner.


If you need the perspective of a mentor, contact me to book your first session.

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