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Burnout support - online and in Brussels

In a world where we are ever more disconnected from ourselves, each other and nature, it is no surprise that burnout is common.

We are trying to operate in systems that don't make sense, that exploit and destroy both people and planet. As kind, thoughtful people who want to make a difference, it can be hard to keep showing up in the world.

Physical and emotional breakdown


Burnout is as much emotional as it is physical. While we may experience debilitating physical symptoms like loss of energy, disrupted sleep, physical pain and an inability to focus, the emotional cost of burnout is equally high.

We often experience feelings of disconnection, shame, failure and despair. Our emotions are all over the place and nothing seems to make sense.  We can easily become isolated. We feel disillusioned and disenchanted and can't see a way to function in the world that doesn't leave us feeling exhausted and lifeless. 

My burnout toolbox


My coaching interventions are personalised to the individual. I draw on extensive training in trauma, ecotherapy, creativity and mindfulness, as well as my personal experience to help gently guide you on your path.


We look at your history, your values, your needs, how you resource yourself, your boundaries and much more as you move towards recovery, one step at a time. Our coaching sessions are a space to talk, to be heard, to cry and reflect, gently held with compassion and kindness.


If you want to dig deeper, these pages on compassion fatigue and trauma may be supportive. Also check the Events page for events and workshops which can support your recovery.

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Burnout coaching

I work with people in all the stages of burnout - when you're on the edge of burnout, in burnout and as you reintegrate in the world. I'm here to support your recovery, one small step at a time.

Some employers will pay for burnout coaching (often from the training budget) and other people prefer to pay privately. A session costs €200-€300 on a sliding scale which means you can choose the level that works for you or your employer.

You can book a single session to see if we work well together. A burnout support programme is usually 12 sessions or more but this is completely flexible. We follow what you need and can access to support your recovery. 

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"Amidst all the pressures and doubts in our world, it’s helpful to have a coach who helps you come back to a sense of your own light, path, and purpose!" 

"I started working with Kathryn after a serious professional burnout. Working with compassion and professional seriousness, she supported me through a personal transformation, allowing me to discover and develop a wealth of resources inside myself.


She is sensitive yet doesn't allow clients to avoid the difficult moments in the work. Kathryn creates a safe space in which to do highly sensitive work on one’s self. I highly recommend working with her as a guide to navigating professional trauma.”

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Book a session

If you would like to book a burnout coaching session, please email me or click the button below.

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