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Savour the simple life on retreat

Ahhh, the simple life. So many of us dream of a more simple life. Often it's an abstract wish, a knee-jerk reaction against a life which is too full, too busy, too much. We may not have a concrete sense of what 'simple' looks like to us and if it's attainable in the life we have now.

As with most things, there's a scale from 'not at all simple' to 'very simple'. We may want to consider where we are on that scale and what we can do to move closer to where we would like to be.

We have lots of responsibilities and life can be complicated at times. Add to that the last two years of pandemic and no wonder running off to the middle of nowhere feels appealing. This is the backdrop to me deciding to open my home in southern Spain for winter retreats. Literally in the middle of nowhere.

My winter retreats are an ode to the simple life.

We'll enjoy simple, home-cooked food and non-alcoholic drinks. Guests will have lots of free time and few distractions in a beautiful, peaceful environment. Comfort is prioritised at the house. Think comfortable beds, woollen blankets, drinks and snacks always available. We'll have good talks and a few laughs.

We'll do some gentle activities to get you out of your head for a while. Things like mindful walking, nature printing and making ferments help us connect with our bodies and our senses more than our overactive brains. Even if you've never considered this kind of activities, I encourage you to experience how dropping into a state of more mindful attention can help you.

Many of us are experiencing deep levels of fatigue after the last two years. Not that we weren’t struggling to balance it all even before then. If you want time and space to sleep, rest and read in peace, balanced by some gently guided activities with me, then you would love a winter retreat.

Step back and enjoy the simple life for a few days.

We start on 22 January 2022. I would love you to join me.

Very detailed Q&A (especially useful for highly-sensitive people and introverts)

About the house

General retreat info

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