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We rest to show up

I often write about how rest and progress are NOT mutually-exclusive. Without rest, we cannot progress. Not in a long-term sustainable way anyway.

Sometimes we feel like we don’t have time to rest, especially when we are working on things that are important to us. Like climate activism, a new business or supporting a family member.

The truth is - from my perspective anyway - that we cannot sustain our action if we do not rest. And while I would love to welcome people on retreat on a regular basis, that is not possible for most of us.

So how do we find a balance between rest and action?

What is possible is to find ways to stop for a moment here or there. Regular breaks to come back to ourselves for a moment of rest.

I always find it grounding to stop and observe my surroundings, nature, the sky, the dog, my breath, my body.

To remember that I have a body and that it supports me well. Instead of focusing on discomfort in the body, finding a place that feels good, feels stable, and staying with that sense of comfort for a few moments.

These are practices that only take a moment, a couple of breaths even, and that can help us come back to ourselves. Then we can reengage and get back to it.

We rest to enable us to make progress. We rest to keep showing up.

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