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Every Monday morning, I send an email to my list.

Why spend time - mostly at the weekend - to write an email that only goes out to a handful of people? Especially if I compare it to my old consultancy mailing list which is ten times bigger.

I'm generally not pushing products or services in the emails. There is a button to click through to my coaching website (you're already here!) but it's not 'selling' in the traditional sense of email marketing.

The truth is I enjoy the regular practice of writing a weekly email. Mostly it flows easily. At other times, I wonder what I still have to write about. And on it goes, already more than a year.

I know that not everyone wants or can access 1:1 coaching. And there are limits on how many clients I can see at one time because I want to be able to show up for them.

But an email? I can send an email every week. For as long as it feels like a nourishing practice for me and people find value in it, I am happy having my weekly writing slot.

It gives me a place for personal reflection and, I hope, provides some hope and inspiration for the week ahead.

You're welcome to give it a try. It's a quick sign up to receive some Monday morning attention from my coaching practice.

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